Membership Clubs: Amplify Your Business’s Revenue

At SeamlessPay, we understand the unique needs of membership clubs and the importance of efficient payment solutions. Our platform makes it easy to track payments, automate processes, and keep members happy.

Streamline Workflows

SeamlessPay provides membership clubs with tools to automate and streamline payment collection workflows. With features like invoicing, recurring billing, and automated reminders, membership clubs can set up efficient processes for generating and collecting payments. This reduces manual effort, minimizes errors, and improves cash flow management for the back office.

Get Paid Faster, Waste Less Time and Provide an Enhanced Payment Experience

Make It Easy

Send invoices, accept payments in-person, in-app, or online. SeamlessPay supports various payment methods, including credit cards, digital wallets, and bank transfers, allowing members to choose their preferred payment option.

Flexible Payment Plans

SeamlessPay offers powerful recurring billing services that make it easy to collect payments from returning members on time, every time.

Automate Collections

Stay on top of your finances with automated accounts receivable. After invoice creation, our platform handles the rest to make sure your members pay on time. We’ll even send past-due reminders if necessary.

Zero-cost Credit Card Processing with Surcharging

If your business accepts credit cards, you might be paying too much in credit card processing fees. Reduce your expenses with surcharging from SeamlessPay.

Simple Set-up for Fee-Free Payments

Setting up credit card surcharging with SeamlessPay is quick and easy—no complex contracts or setup fees. Simply sign up for an account and start processing credit cards fee-free.

Compliant with Major Credit Cards

SeamlessPay’s surcharging solution is compliant with all major credit cards, as well as state and federal regulations. This means you can safely surcharge while giving your members the flexibility to pay exactly how they want.

Receive 100% of Your Sales

With a credit card surcharge, you can pass the processing fees on to your members. Receive 100% of your sales from each credit card sale.

We’ve Got You Covered

PCI-compliant security

We rely on the latest encryption technologies to shield members information in transit and at rest.

Dispute management

Nobody likes chargebacks, so we streamlined the process for you. View and respond to chargebacks right from our portal.

Unlimited support

Through every stage of our relationship, you’ll have an expert member of our team available to help, every step of the way.

99.999% uptime

Our engineers work hard to make sure our tools are always available for you.

Easy setup

Our tools are simple to use and available at sign up for you to start collecting payments.

No contracts

No term contracts or cancellation fees. We believe you should decide who you work with, when you want.

Confidently Grow Your Business

Register for a demo today, and let us take you on a tour of our suite of billing solutions. Don’t want to wait? Sign up now to get instant access to your payments dashboard, and begin exploring how SeamlessPay can support your business.