Zero-cost Credit Card Processing with Surcharging

If your business accepts credit cards, you might be paying too much in credit card processing fees. Reduce your expenses with surcharging from SeamlessPay.

Simple Set-up for Fee-Free Payments

Setting up credit card surcharging with SeamlessPay is quick and easy—no complex contracts or setup fees. Simply sign up for an account and start processing credit cards fee-free.

Compliant with Major Credit Cards

SeamlessPay’s surcharging solution is compliant with all major credit cards, as well as state and federal regulations. This means you can safely surcharge while giving your customers the flexibility to pay exactly how they want.

Receive 100% of Your Sales

With a credit card surcharge, you can pass the processing fees on to your customers. Receive 100% of your sales from each credit card sale.

Offset Credit Card Fees in Three Simple Steps

If you’re ready to start offsetting credit card processing fees, there are just a few simple steps to follow:

Enable Surcharging for Your Account

To get started, simply log in, or create your SeamlessPay account, and let us know you’re ready to enable surcharges. No developer needed. It’s as easy as flipping on a light switch!

Notify Customers of the Fee

Once surcharging is enabled, you’ll need to notify customers they’re being charged a fee for credit card payments before they make a purchase. This can be done in a number of ways, including adding a notice to your website, menu, invoices, or next to your point of sale.

Begin Accepting Fee-Free Payments

After you’ve enabled surcharging and notified your customers, you’re ready to start accepting credit card payments without paying any fees! SeamlessPay’s simple setup works with most major credit cards.

Seamless Payment Integrations

SeamlessPay offers a number of other payment solutions—including our invoicing and Terminal products—that can save you money when used with credit card surcharging. These products work together to provide a complete payment experience for your customers while keeping more money in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a surcharge, convenience fee, and cash discount?

A surcharge is a fee charged to customers for using a credit card. 

A convenience fee is an additional fee levied on alternative payment channels. The fee could apply to customers who pay by phone or use a credit card online.

A cash discount is a reduction in the price of goods or services when paid by cash.

Check out our blog for a more detailed look at these zero-cost processing solutions.

Is credit card surcharging illegal?

No, credit card surcharging is not illegal in most of the US. However, the surcharge amount is limited to four percent of the total sale amount and cannot exceed the amount it costs to process the payment.

In addition, there are a few states that have restrictions on surcharging and it is illegal to surcharge debit or prepaid card transactions.

What transactions can be surcharged?

In general, most credit card transactions that are processed through SeamlessPay can be surcharged. Exceptions include transactions that occur in states where surcharging is banned or restricted.

Do I need to notify customers of the fee

Yes, it’s mandatory to let your customers know that they will be charged a fee for credit card payments.

Ready to Get Started?

Surcharging lets your business eliminate credit card acceptance fees. You can save money while offering customers convenient payment options.