Unify Your Online & In-Person Payments

SeamlessPay Terminal enables payments in the physical world. Whether you’re an online store looking to accept payments at a pop-up shop or a brick-and-mortar business looking to offer a simpler checkout experience, our Terminal product is built to streamline your payments process.

Powered by Modern Hardware

SeamlessPay Terminal is available in multiple form factors for different types of businesses, but every terminal is powered by Android and comes equipped with a capacitive touchscreen, making it as easy-to-use as your mobile phone.

Accept Payments Offline

We make it possible to keep operating even when things you can’t control—like internet or power outages—happen. Continue accepting payments with “offline mode” until connectivity is restored so you don’t miss a beat.

Offset Fees with Surcharges

Pass your credit card acceptance fees on to your customers and receive 100% of each credit card sale when you pair the SeamlessPay Terminal with our surcharging feature.

In-person Payments Built for Your Business

Create a Seamless User Experience

Our terminal links buying history across channels, so you can provide consistent customer service. Customers enjoy the same seamless, branded experience they get online while visiting your business in person.

Implement Omnichannel Solutions for Hospitality

Hospitality businesses thrive on customer service. With SeamlessPay Terminal, you can create a smooth experience for your customers from start to finish. Effortlessly handle split payments, tip adjustments, and more, whether table-side or at the point-of-sale.

Power In-Person Payments for Every Business

Every organization that accepts in-person payments needs a simple, customer-friendly checkout process. We offer a wide range of features to meet the needs of any business, including fraud protection and the ability to brand every portion of your checkout experience.

Terminal Integration Made Easy

Integrating with our suite of payment terminals is quick and painless. Explore our Terminal API for a detailed look at how to augment your point-of-sale with our powerful, semi-integrated solution. Once you’re fully connected, our lineup of PAX devices—whether the A920 Pro, A77, or A35—let you take advantage of all the benefits of a unified payment system so that you can focus on the rest.

SeamlessPay Terminal for Points-of-Sale

If you’re a point-of-sale provider, our payment terminal—paired with our PayFac product—can help you take your product to the next level. Provide your customers with a turnkey payment solution that’s reliable and easy-to-use. Plus, our team can work with you to customize the payment experience for your brand.

Ready to Get Started?

Start accepting in-person payments today. Terminal works alongside your existing point-of-sale system and the most common PAX devices to make taking payments easy.