Prevent Fraud with the Power of Sonar

Eliminate fraud and increase sales with a customizable risk strategy driven by machine learning.

Constant Protection

Sonar analyzes your data around the clock to identify patterns in fraudulent behavior. When a suspicious transaction is detected, Sonar will flag it for you to decide whether to approve or decline the transaction.

Next-Gen Fraud Detection

Old-school fraud detection methods often prevent legitimate customers from getting through. But with Sonar, only fraudulent transactions are flagged for review—meaning you don’t lose any sales due to false positives.

Easy Setup

Anyone in your organization can set up Sonar—no outside developer needed. Turn on Sonar with a few clicks and begin monitoring fraud risk in real-time.

Protection as You Grow

As your business grows, so does your risk of fraud. Sonar’s machine learning technology adapts to your changing business and fraud concerns, providing you with the most up-to-date protection available.

Machine Learning at its Best

Sonar not only looks at traditional data sources like IP addresses and geolocation data but also analyzes things like customer behavior and purchase history. This allows Sonar to catch even the most sophisticated fraudsters. SeamlessPay’s extensive network of payments helps Sonar determine risk levels.

Manage Fraud Protection

Custom Risk Rules

With Sonar, you create your risk rules. For example, you might want to flag all transactions over $500 for review. Or even set your own list of trusted and blocked users based on past interactions. The possibilities are endless.

Manual Reviews

Sonar also offers manual reviews of fraud and disputes. Manually review any suspicious transactions that have been flagged by Sonar, giving you the final say in whether or not a transaction is approved.

Fraud Performance Insights

Fine tune your risk strategy with detailed reporting showing how many transactions were flagged for review, how many were approved, and how many were declined.

Reduce Chargebacks

Prevent financial losses caused by unexpected chargebacks before they happen. With Sonar, you can stop fraudulent transactions from ever hitting customer accounts. Save time and money while reducing your chargeback rate.

Fraud Mitigation You Can Trust

When it comes to fraud prevention, you need a solution that you can trust. SeamlessPay offers market-leading fraud detection that is constantly learning and evolving to keep up with the latest trends in fraud. And, because Sonar has access to SeamlessPay’s extensive network of payment data, it’s quick and accurate.

Ready to Get Started?

Protecting your business from fraud has never been easier than with Sonar. Getting started is easy— simply turn on the Sonar Fraud Monitor on your SeamlessPay Dashboard to start fighting fraud in minutes.